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Guardian. The Most Advanced Chimney Liner in the World.

The revolutionary Guardian Chimney Liner® is the safest and most effective way of relining masonry chimneys. Using the “cast-in-place” technique, the Guardian system actually eliminates the need to tear down and rebuild an existing chimney, resulting in substantial savings.

The development of the Guardian Chimney Liner® is the culmination of 15 years of field experience by the Firesafe Corporation: a company that has installed thousands of cast-in-place chimney liners, in combination with a team of chemical engineers. The practical applications from thousands of installations united with scientific research and development led to the production of the Guardian Chimney Liner®.

The Guardian cast-in-place material exceeds the UL 1777 standards, and to date, is the only poured liner approved for zero-clearance specifications with 3/4" liner thickness. This break-through approval is especially critical when the available flue area will only allow a 3/4" liner. Consequently, when the area within the chimney is limited, the Guardian 3/4" minimum liner thickness allows you to line the chimney when our competitors cannot legally do so, since their minimum poured liner thickness is 1" to 1-1/2". Furthermore, the Guardian 3/4" standard ensures all installations will meet zero-clearance specifications. The National Fire Protection Agency is strongly considering a mandate requiring that all chimney restoration methods comply with zero-clearance specifications. No problem!

Chimney Liner

Guardian. The Most Advanced Chimney Liner in the World.


So impressive is the Guardian Chimney Liner®
it is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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Even historic homes.