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January 8, 2015

Hi Joe,
Sorry it has taken me so long to let you know how much I appreciate the time you took in helping me to understand the work needed on my chimney. I am also very satisfied with the work that was done and the extra attention to detail while performing the work, very professional. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with you and will continue to utilize your company for any additional services I may need. I will be more than glad to refer friends and neighbors to you, confident of you professional opinion and work ethic. The chimney is working great and I appreciate that with this weather. Happy and Healthy New Year.

Thank you,
Barbara Applegate


May 27, 2014

“Hi Joe,

I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the job you did rebuilding our chimney and installing the woodstove. The brickwork looks fabulous and we feel safe and secure knowing that you have not only made things beautiful, but have also checked everything for safety. In fact, the chimney looked so good that the roofers who came after you could not stop commenting on what a good job you did and how good it looked!

We could not have asked for anyone more helpful and professional. We had an old, non functional chimney and heatalator fireplace which was an unusual size and shape. You helped us realize our goal of having a safe, goodlooking chimney and stove that will heat our entire house. We also really appreciate your help with the woodstove company when it was discovered that the stove was not fully assembled.

If we ever need any kind of masonry done again, we will call you immediately! Thank you so much!

Steve and Victoria Miller”


“Looking for a good Mason?  Click here for the original letter

I know one and have known him for 10 years. His name is Joe Condo. He owns the Pyramid Masonry and Chimney Lining Company in Churchville, VA.

In 2003 Joe built over 300 ft. of brick sidewalk for my home. They are as beautiful today as they were when he built them. Also, he has re-grouted my brick patio. It looks like new, a great job!

If you need a real professional call him at [540-337-8065] or cell XXX-XXXX.”

William R. Kiser
Waynesboro, VA


March 10, 1999  Click here for the original letter

“Dear Joe,

I wanted to thank you formally for all the effort and interest you contributed to making Supaflu do the right thing for us. Both Richard and I are certain that it was your strong sense of honor and integrity which brough about our being reimbursed with interest for our investment in lining the chimney.

In any age, outstanding integrity is a very rare commodity, and in our present age it is a collector's item. We are very moved and appreciative that you took such a high road when you really had no obligation to do so. We want you to know how very much we appreciate all your work and contribution to our reimbursement. We will, of course, be delighted to be used as references for you and your company and work.

It is a real pleasure to know someome of your caliber.”

R. P. L.


“Dear Joe CAN-DO,  Click here for the original letter

Here's the signed estimate & I decided to send along the deposit as well. This has certainly been a learning experience & I'm glad I contacted the “other guys” as it confirmed for me that your price & procedure is the industry standard. But even better it showed me who was ethical & honest! I'm glad my “inner voice” told me to call you back!

See you on 7/22”
Caroline Ely