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Guardian. The Most Advanced Chimney Liner in the World.


Guardian was developed by chimney restoration professionals with more than 30 years combined experience. Our team set out to create the safest, most advanced chimney lining system available. The result is the unequalled protection of the Guardian Chimney Liner®.

No other chimney lining material offers the level of protection provided by the Guardian Chimney Liner®. Tested to UL 1777 standards at 3/4" liner thickness for zero clearance, the Guardian Chimney Liner® provides maximum protection for your home.

Poured and solidified within an existing chimney structure, the Guardian Chimney Liner® permanently restores the structure without altering the appearance or historical integrity.

The Guardian Chimney Liner® normally improves fireplace or appliance performance and is suitable for all fuels.

The Guardian Chimney Liner® is suitable for all heating appliances and nearly all chimney structures. The Guardian system is also ideal for creating multiple flues in a single large chimney space, so multiple appliances can be vented safely within the same chimney.

Cast-in-place chimney liners are recognized by the insurance industry as the preferred method for chimney repair. The Guardian Chimney Liner® is simply the best cast-in-place liner available today.

So impressive is the Guardian Chimney Liner® that it is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Ideal for large homes...

Average sized homes...


Even historic homes.